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Are you looking for a professional to translate, review or proofread your texts? As a translator and editor for German, English and French, I take care of your texts in the fields of IT, marketing, media and conservation.

kiwitext combines creativity and adaptability – qualities often found in New Zealanders or Kiwis, as they call themselves, – with German thoroughness, diligence and reliability to find the best solution for your text. Whether it’s marketing materials, websites, subtitles, presentations, guide books or informational texts – I’ll make sure to get your message across!

Patricia Piermaier, Übersetzerin und Lektorin für Texte rund um die Themen IT, Marketing, Medien und Naturschutz in den Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch und Französisch

I’m Patricia Piermaier,

translator, editor and proofreader from the Black Forest. That’s right – I’m not a New Zealander. But travelling through New Zealand had a lasting impression on me, and by naming my business “kiwitext”, I try to bring a little bit of Kiwi mentality into my working life in Germany.

I grew up in the Northern Black Forest and just moved back there, after ten years in the greater Stuttgart area. My passion is capturing moody forests and landscapes on film and photos. When I’m not out in nature, I like to read and to declutter my home. I really enjoy organising things, finding and creating structure – and that also applies to your texts!

My key qualifications

  • Freelance translator, editor and proofreader since 2013
  • Member of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ)
  • Sworn translator for official documents in the English language for Baden‑Württemberg
  • B.A. and M.A. in “Applied Linguistics, Cultural Studies and Translation” at the University of Mainz, Faculty of Translation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies (FTSK) in Germersheim, Germany
  • Professional experience as a project manager, translator and editor employed by a translation and documentation service provider for marketing and technical documentation



I translate your texts from English and French into German. Taking into account the purpose of the text and adapting the style and register to the target group, I translate the content of the text into the German language. Customer requests with regard to terminology and style are naturally also taken into account. On request, I can also have my translations proofread by a colleague.

Polishing texts generated by machine translation (post-editing) and reviewing another translator’s work (revision) is also part of my services.

As a sworn translator for the English language, I am permitted to certify my translations of official documents from English into German.

German translations are generally longer than the corresponding English or French texts. On request, I can deliver translations or proofread texts with formatting and layout adapted accordingly. You thus receive a document that is ready for printing or digital use.

Editing and proofreading

Fluent and cohesive texts that are error-free and effectively address the target group create a positive and professional impression. In contrast, a text that contains obvious errors and is hard to read can distract the reader from your intended message. Better be on the safe side and have your texts checked by a language professional!

When proofreading, I carefully check your texts for spelling, punctuation and grammar. I remove typos and extra spaces and ensure correct word division at the end of lines as well as the correct use of quotation marks, dashes and hyphens.

Editing goes beyond that: Here, I also ensure the logical, coherent and consistent development of a written text. I optimise your text with regard to expression, style and choice of words, making it easier to read and understand.

Final correction means checking the text in the final layout and fix line, column and page breaks before it gets printed or published.

I also gladly help students with formatting their academic papers.

Subject areas

Fachgebiet IT und Technik

IT and technology

3D printing
IT security

Fachgebiet Marketing und Medien

Marketing and media

Online marketing
Print advertising
Social media
Photography and filming
Image editing
Video production

Fachgebiet Natur und Tourismus

Nature and tourism

Black Forest
New Zealand

Weitere Fachgebiete


Hearing aids
Figure skating
Interior design

Text types

Marketing materials

Magazines and blog posts
Newsletters and mailings
Websites and social media texts
Press releases


Corporate videos
Commercial videos
Online courses
On-screen texts
Video scripts

Product and user documentation

Instruction manuals
Online help texts
Guide books
Product descriptions
Data sheets
E-learning courses
Training materials


Birth certificates
Marriage certificates
Driving licences
Graduation certificates

Scientific papers

Research papers
Master theses
Bachelor theses
Seminar papers


“We’re extremely happy with the quality of Patricia’s translations, and our project managers enjoy working with her very much. Patricia is very reliable and friendly, a true professional!”

“Working with Patricia as our German Language Lead has been a pleasure. Her strong linguistic expertise and efficient and friendly communication have had positive impact on our project. I highly value our collaboration and recommend Patricia without hesitation.”

“In 2014, we’ve asked Patricia to translate our marketing/technical documents into German. She answered quickly to our demands, provided accurate translations and always delivered on time. Patricia is a very kind person to work with and we hope we’ll be able to work with her again on our future translation projects.”


No. I work according to the mother tongue principle, which in my case means that I translate from English and French into my native language, German. For other language combinations, I work with experienced and qualified colleagues with the respective native language.

No. You are looking for an interpreter, not a translator. Translators deal with written texts, interpreters work with spoken words. The training for these two professions is very different. I work as a translator and do not offer interpreting services. However, if you need an interpreter, I will gladly recommend colleagues from my professional network.

No. Translators usually specialise in just a few professional fields. I primarily translate texts relating to IT, marketing, media and conservation, as these are the fields in which I have the necessary knowledge. In the area of law, I only translate basic official documents and certificates, but I do not translate complex legal texts such as contracts, expert reports or court judgements. For these types of text, I can recommend colleagues who specialise in law.

In most cases, a copy of the document is sufficient. It is important, however, that the document you provide is complete and 100% legible. The certified translation states whether the original document or a copy was presented for the translation.

With the standard certification phrase, my stamp and my signature I confirm the accuracy and completeness of my translation. For this reason I can only send the document by post and not by e-mail. You also have the option of picking up the certified translation from me in person, after making an appointment. In this case, you can also bring along the original document for comparison.

Spelling and grammar functions like those provided by Microsoft Word are very helpful and I use them myself. However, these are merely computer programmes and do not have a natural feel for language or style. Blatant spelling or grammar errors are usually found quite easily – but context-related errors or mistakes in meaning are more complex and not so easily spotted. This is where I get to work.

Machine translation solutions have evolved rapidly over the past few years, but they still cannot select the appropriate words for a particular context, let alone produce stylistic nuances. This requires careful consideration of the intended target group and the purpose of the text. For this reason they can never replace a qualified translator.


Every text is different. Let me know some details of your project, and I will gladly put together an offer which is tailored to your texts, free of charge and at no obligation. In order to properly assess the translation, proofreading or editing workload, ideally I need to see the text in question. At the very least I’ll need information about the length of the text (number of words), the source and target languages, the subject area and the file format.

Just reach out to me!

Tel. +49 (0)7223/2899176


North Island Brown Kiwi

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