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I translate texts from English and French into German. Taking into account the purpose of the text and adapting the style and register to the target group, I translate the content of the text into the German language. Customer requests with regard to terminology and style are naturally also taken into account. On request, I also offer translations which have been additionally proofread by a colleague.


Post-editing means that a human translator reworks and adapts texts generated by machine translation. I compare source text and machine translation output and adapt the target text to create a suitable end product. Thus you can save time and money, since the texts are not translated manually from scratch.


Revision refers to reviewing and adapting another translator’s work. I review the translation that another translator has previously crafted and ensure its linguistic correctness and accuracy in terms of form and content.

Translation of official documents

As a sworn translator for the English language publicly appointed by the Regional Court of Stuttgart, I am permitted to certify my translations. This means that I can officially certify their accuracy and completeness so that they will be accepted by the authorities and courts. For example, I can translate English birth certificates and death certificates, marriage or divorce documents, driving licenses, certificates and other documents into German. Please note, however, that I am only a sworn translator for the English language, not for French.

Project management

Most translators only work with two or three languages and usually specialise in specific fields. If you require a translator in a language or specialist field that I do not cover, I will gladly recommend qualified colleagues from my network or forward your enquiry.

Further information about my translation services can be found in the FAQ section.