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Patricia Roh - kiwitext

Editing and proofreading

Fluent and cohesive texts that effectively address the target group create a positive and professional impression that will improve your image. In contrast, a text containing obvious errors can create a negative impression of the author and undermine credibility. Mistakes can even lead to misunderstandings or operating errors. An extra pair of eyes to carefully check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors can be a big help. You’ll be surprised how an experienced professional can optimise the style and coherence of your text and improve the overall quality.


When proofreading, I check your texts for spelling, punctuation and grammar. I remove typos and extra spaces and ensure correct word division at the end of lines and the correct use of quotation marks, dashes and hyphens.


When editing, I ensure the logical, coherent and consistent development of a written text. I optimise your text with regard to expression, style and choice of words, making it easier to read and understand. The process of editing always includes proofreading, i.e. checking for spelling, punctuation and grammar.