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Additional services

As well as translation, editing and proofreading, I also offer the following services to fine-tune your texts.

Terminology management

Particularly with technical texts, consistent use of terminology is essential in order to ensure that the text is clearly understood. It also makes a big difference to the quality of the text. Terminology management is mainly beneficial for companies with multiple departments creating texts for different purposes (e.g. marketing, sales, user interfaces, product literature). For such companies standardised use of terminology is vital as well as wording that is easy to understand. Standardised terminology also speeds up the translation process, which ultimately saves you time and money.

I create language glossaries and terminology databases according to customer- and project-specific criteria. If required, I can also assist in compiling and maintaining databases with technical terms.

Formatting and desktop publishing (DTP)

German translations are generally longer than the corresponding English or French texts. On request, I can deliver translations or proofread texts with accordingly adapted formatting and layouts. I check the text formatting and page layout, adapting the line, column and page breaks. If necessary, I also adapt the character spacing. You receive a ready-to-print document and avoid the need for additional formatting work.

I will gladly help students and doctoral candidates with formatting their academic papers and dissertations. Based on formatting guidelines, I standardize quotations and bibliographic information and create indexes and references.

I also handle text work such as transcriptions, digitalisation or optical character recognition (OCR). Simply get in touch with me!