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Patricia Roh - kiwitext


The main focus of my work is the translation of written texts and documents in the following subject areas:

  • Information technology
    e.g. software, hardware, data encryption, authentication systems
  • Marketing and media
    e.g. advertising, print design, digital printing, digital photography, image processing, cinema and television
  • Technology
    e.g. navigation systems, motor sports, energy and environmental technology, video surveillance, office technology, entertainment and household electronics

I mainly work with the following types of text:

  • Marketing materials such as press releases, data sheets, surveys, presentations, brochures and catalogues
  • Product literature and user documentation such as instruction and assembly manuals and training materials

I translate the content of the text into the target language, taking into account the purpose of the text and adapting the style and register to the target group. Customer requests with regard to terminology and style guidelines are naturally also taken into account. With the aid of CAT tools (computer-aided translation programmes) I can usually translate directly in your file format and layout. For documents that have already been typeset, this means you won’t need to waste time copying out the text from the layout! On request, I also offer translations which have been additionally proofread by a colleague.

Localisation of software and websites

A special form of translation is localisation – this means that media content will be adapted linguistically and culturally to the target market. Localisation of software and websites not only involves adapting the text for the user interface, but also adjusting the date formats, currency, units of measure and graphics to the culture and customs of the target country. I will gladly provide my services for such types of projects.

Translation of official documents

As a sworn translator for the English language publically appointed by the Regional Court of Stuttgart, I am permitted to certify my translations. This means that I can officially certify their accuracy and completeness so that they will be accepted by the authorities and courts. For example, I can translate English birth certificates and death certificates, marriage or divorce documents, driving licenses, certificates and other documents into German.

Further information about translation and localisation can be found in my FAQ section.